Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leadville 100 Mile Run Training for 2012 Part 2

Things continue to go well and my confidence is building every day!  Last week was 125 miles, one of my highest totals ever and I felt I could have hit 140 with just a few more runs. 

Most importantly, these runs are at times challenging but I feel as though I am knocking out the miles without too much trouble.  No big issues like piriformis to speak of and in fact, it seems to get better with increased mileage.  Can't figure that one out but I will go with it.

My typical training includes an easy 7 mile run early as the sun rises.  Breakfast and then a tough 10 mile run that usually include 2000 feet of gain or more.  I'm lucky in that in Southeast Oklahoma I live next to the Ouachita Mountains that has some good climbs.  In fact, the Worlds Highest Hill is right outside my door and is a seven mile climb and over 2000 feet.  I've been hitting that four or five times a week and it is very similar to Sugarloaf, so I try to imagine climbing past the powerlines on the return trip.

If I feel pretty loose, then I will get another 4 to 8 miles in the evening.  In past years I have worked in cycling and less running but this year it is all running and no cycling for better or for worse.

I skipped the Silver Rush 50 because the training is going so well and I feel good and did not want to jeapordize what I have going.  This Saturday is the Full Moon 50K in Arkansas and I will run that.  It will be hot and starts at 8 pm.  I am going to use it as a training run and definitely not go to race it so I hope to be in the 4:30 to 5 hour range and feel comfortable doing that.

I'll post a race report here on how that goes.  The following week I may still head to Colorado for some camping and running.  If I go alone and camp, the only money I'll need to spend is gas money which will total about $150.  That's a pretty cheap trip.

I hope that everyone else is having as much fun as I am training and are nearly ready to go.  Can't wait for 4 am on August 18th.

Don't forget, it is all mental and I say that to myself as much as for anyone who might be reading my blog. 


  1. Mileage numbers like that floor me! I hope to get there someday. Right now I'm happy when I hit 40 mpw. :) Good luck at Leadville, can't wait to read all about it!


  2. Thanks Julie. I'm going to post some more updates as the date draws nearer. Enjoyed your blog as well especially the Angel Fire race report.