Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mt Magazine Trail Run

I guess Paul Turner and friends have been doing this race in May for nearly five years now and it is only about a 90 minute drive for me and so I have wanted to do it every year but something always came up.  As it happened, this year I was able to go and I am sure glad that I did.

I have run at Mt. Magazine before including some of the trails at the top and the trail from Cove Lake and back but I had never run all the these trails and I certainly missed out on some beautiful views and sections of trail.
Photo: At Mt Magazine trail run. Highest point in Arkansas.
Picture I Took From Highest Point in Arkansas, Mt Magazine, Before the Race
I was really hoping for a low key easy effort race but Jake Anderson would once again make sure that didn't happen just as he did at the Lovit Trail Marathon in December.  He and another guy had just taken off and I had trouble getting going at first and keeping up with them.  It seemed like 5K pace to  me and this was an 18 mile somewhat rugged trail run.

The views were beautiful and you certainly had to be aware of where you were because there were a few times that you ran right along the high bluffs.  While there was really never a danger of falling off, the thought did occur to me that I was a mere ten steps away from hundred plus foot fall.  The weather cooperated for May because it was a cool day and although it warmed up slightly, it really could not have been better.

It was not until about mile 12 that I finally took the lead for good after exchanging the lead a few times near where the highest point in Arkansas is.  You know you are having a good race when the turnaround is seemingly a mile or two earlier than where you thought it would be.  So I hustled back up the mountain and then just tried to maintain a solid effort that last couple of miles to the finish.

As it happened, I'm glad I hustled because I ended up getting the course record by a minute!  What a thrill!  It was good to run strong again as I have not had very many good races this year.

Afterward, PT had a big cookout and it was great catching up with all of my AURA buddies over a few beers.  And the award made by Chrissy Ferguson was awesome.
Po Dog and I with our cool awards.  I was cold so I had to wear my sons sweatshirt, it was all I had.
Just a great day all around and a great trail run and it cost only a donation!  Amazing!

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