Sunday, October 13, 2013

Arkansas Traveller 100 - 2013 Race Report

Photo: Here we go again!  Follow the race at Go to AT100 link and there will be updates throughout the day. Going to be warm but I will do my best.

Well unfortunately my sciatica/piriformis/sacroiliacjoint trouble was really bad this year and so I had to drop at mile 32 which is really disappointing because I had really dreamed of having a great race like 06 and 08.  But it was not to be and by mile 20, I was reduced to a shuffle and each step was painful.  Now I need to really work hard on solving this chronic condition.  I'm hoping that aggressive stretching routine and chiropractic help will relieve this pain.

So what to write about in this blog.  I want to just talk up how great this race really is.  I can't believe I waited five years to get back here.  My wife and I had a great dinner at Camp Ouachita.  That dinner is sooo good.  Then we camped under the stars.  The course is really beautiful.  I forgot how gorgeous the scenery was and was very sorry that I did not get to run for the rest of the day.  The aid stations always rock and they are always so excited and supportive.

If you are thinking of running your first 100, this is the race to do it.  They will get you to the finish.  And if you have run 100s before, you will find this one to be among the best.

I'm almost certainly going to be back next year and I hope that my sciatic issues are better in a year.  I really want to cross that finish line again and have that wonderful breakfast on Sunday morning.  Plus it is such a nice getaway for my wife and I and she is really getting better at crewing and finding her way around the course.

Not getting to finish this race, also made me realize how much I enjoy the adventure and journey that is a 100 mile race.  I just need to get well so that I can do them again.

Next race is Dogwood Canyon 50K.  Hope the sciatic feels better.  We have such a great time camping and enjoying the foilage at this race.  It would be nice if I ran without pain and ran well.

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