Saturday, December 28, 2013

LOVIT Trail Marathon - 2014

Just a quick recap of this race.  This was my fourth time to run this race and third year in a row.  They delayed the race a couple of weeks because of an ice/snow storm.  As bad luck would have it, two weeks later it was a torrential downpour and so there were not as many runners as usual.

This year my friends Matt and Josh came with me and so we just used it as a training run.  I have to admit that it was about the least I've ever looked forward to a trail run because of the forecast of heavy rain.  And the weather man was correct.  It rained the entire time we ran.  Four hours of rain.  It was especially miserable for the first six miles or so and then when the rain came down really heavy, it made it pretty rough.

At times I considered dropping at mile 14 turnaround just because I felt like it was pointless but with only 12 miles to go and much of it downhill, I ran along with my friends and we finished together so it was a really good training run.

It actually made for a very good way to end the year because I have struggled so much with sciatic injury and just last month had to drop at the half in the White River Marathon because the sciatic pain was so severe.

With anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by a doctor, increased stretching and a new running form, I felt very comfortable on this run and feel ready for a great 2014.

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