Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ultrarunning and High Hamstring Tendinopathy - Part Three

Another update on my progress thus far.  I had my injection last week after the MRI confirmed HHT and ischial bursitis.  I'm sad to report that the injection has had maybe only a minimal effect.  Perhaps my expectation were too high as I had hoped that all pain and discomfort would go away but it did not.  I still have a lot of discomfort when driving for any period of time and I can still kind of feel it nagging me back there.  I was hoping that after over six weeks of not running and after having the injection that I would move to the next phase of recovery.

For me the next phase begins when I no longer feel any pain or discomfort whatsoever.  So I will continue to rest and not do any type of activity (running, biking, elliptical, tennis etc) that could irritate and increase the inflammation in the area.

I've also continued and even increased my daily workouts.  Five times a week I spend about 30 minutes doing core workout (mostly sit ups), light weight lifting and also some physical therapy exercises to strengthen my hips and abductors and other areas that are thought to help more balance the workload required of the hamstring.  But these exercises will do nothing to heal the HHT, from what I understand, they just will help strength other areas so that when and if I get healed, it will reduce the likelihood of the injuring recurring.

I've wanted to begin concentric exercises and have done some lightly but am afraid to push those because my understanding is to not start those until you no longer feel any pain.

On days that I am busy, my conditioning workout is enough to take my mind off the running, biking and tennis but on the weekend when I have more time is when I'm really tempted to run or ride or play tennis.  But if I ever want to be competitive again, I know I must stick strictly to this regiment.

I've also communicated with a cousin of mine who is a doctor and is an expert in this area.  He teaches other doctors how to treat these conditions. He is going to look at my MRI and my history and then give me his opinion.  I am looking forward to that because it gives me hope that he may have a more concrete, solid and proactive approach for recovery.  I will update again after I hear from my cousin and as I've given more time to heal.

I'm almost to the eight week mark now which some say is all that is required to rest.  But I'm thinking the four month range is probably better.   After all, if you've waited two months, what's another two just to be sure.  Better that than to start running again ruin any gains you've already made.

One other thought that has me troubled is that damn RunRabbitRun 100.  I know that I should e-mail and postpone my entry until next year but I'm having trouble actually doing that.  I just don't want to admit defeat and a part of me wants to go to Steamboat Springs and try to finish that damn thing however foolish or foolhearty it may seem.

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