Sunday, May 15, 2016

August 2015 to May 2016

I have been so lazy about keeping up to date with my running and adventure blog.  Hard to believe that so much time has gone by and I did not make any entries.  I try to make entries for marathon or longer events.  I did not get to run as many as usual these past 9 or 10 months but did a fair share.  Since recovering from hamstring tendinopathy, I've gotten stronger but no where near the runner I was several years ago.  I may never be able to run that fast and effortlessly again but as I write this, I just finished a solo mountain marathon and felt pretty good about it and have had some decent 10K races this spring so there is hope yet. 

I also coached my high school cross country team last fall and that limited the ultras and trail races I was able to do although I did get a lot of speedwork in with the team and a lot of 5K races.

Unfortunately I did not get to go to Run Rabbit Run 100 even though I was signed up because my work would not let me take the time off.  I guess I should've just called in sick like everyone else does.

October - Prairie Spirit Marathon - Wichita, KS - Perfect conditions, great and fast course but unfortunately, I could not run fast.  My hamstring tendonitis seems to be most severe when running a hard road marathon effort.  I went out at 6:30 pace for the first half but then even before the half way point I was already experiencing pain.  The second half was excruciating.  I could barely walk, much less run.  It was very frustrating.  I'd walk and then run and then walk and run.  I was down to 12 and 13 minute miles the last 5 or 6 miles.  Made me want to give up on doing a fast road marathon again.  I stumbled in for a 3:26 ish?  Who cares.

December - Lovit Trail Marathon - Did much better here.  Actually ran really strong through mile 18 or so.  But then struggled along the last 6 miles which in the old days was the strongest part of my race.  But maybe it will come back yet.  Nevertheless, I still finished in 3:55 or so and I'm happy with that.

January - Athens - Big Fork Trail Marathon - Only did the 17 mile fun run because Ouachita Switchbacks was the following weekend and I had to do a lot of work getting water up to the aid station.  Plus I was wanting to rest and run strong at the Switchbacks 50K.  Cold rain at this race made it kind of miserable. 

Ouachtia Switchbacks - Ended up just doing the 18 mile run because I was struggling again with the tendinopathy.  Had sleet at the start but then conditions improved.  Really frustrated with this injury because I feel like I can still compete if I can run without the pain.

February - White Rock 50K - Race started at 9 but I thought it started at 8.  So rather than wait around for 90 minutes, I started at 7:30 on my own.  Ran very strong the whole way.  Didn't really push too hard but kept a very strong and steady pace.  Very pleased because I did not experience any tendinopathy pain.  Ran 4:39 or so and came in second.

March - Paced Little Rock Marathon - 3:15.  Kept right on pace until mile 22 but then tendinopathy pain came and I struggled but managed to stay close to my pace and came in at 3:19.

Old Military Road Trail Marathon - Hosted this inaugural event.  Not sure if I will do it again but it was fun.  Ran the course three times in the lead up to the race to prep and mark the course and then did the half marathon on race day.  Did not have a lot show but we all had great fun.

May - Poteau Mountain Solo Marathon - Ran steady and strong.  Did not push the pace too hard.  Certainly had a lot left in me.  Didn't have tendinopathy pain so that is awesome.  There is just nothing like other competitors to push you to run faster than you ever can alone.  I really needed this run because I had not had a long run or ultra since March and I needed one for training for summer events.  Also saw a bear very close.  That was awesome.  Ran this course in 3:57.

So that's it, I'm all caught up on my blog.  Now school is letting out next week and I'm excited for summer adventures.  As of this writing, I'm signed up for the Never Summer 100K in July and I will definitely backpack a significant portion of the Colorado Trail.  Trying to decide whether to do and ultra or backpack trip in June.

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