Monday, August 30, 2010

After Leadville 100, What Next?

Leadville was great, the only downside is having to wait an entire year so that I can get back to mile 88 at MayQueen so that I can go on to the finish instead of stopping.  I am also hopeful that if I have a good race, I could even be looking at a sub 20 or better.  I sure wish I lived at altitude and then I could perhaps go even lower.

But what do I do now??  As of right now, I have the usual fall line up.  These races are fun but hard to compare to Leadville.  I am also flirting with the idea of Bighorn 100 in June and a family trip to Mt. Rushmore on the way home.  Maybe even see Yellowstone.  Just big thoughts but no plans at this time.

In the meantime, I am looking seriously at FlatRock 50K in Independence, KS.  I've always wanted to do this race but I am not sure if I will be ready even by September 18th. 

I am tempted by the Traveller but I think I will have to skip it again this year.  I wish I had run it last year when I was fresh and ready to go but I am sure I will be back there in the future.

Palo Duro Canyon 50M is always tempting and I have never done it in mid October but the Arkansas Marathon has moved to Booneville this year and is the same day.  That is less than an hour from home so I will probably do that.

Maybe the only thing definite this year is to go back to the Dogwood Canyon 50K put on by Bass Pro Shops.  If you are use to low funded ultras, this one will surprise you.  They give great shirts, fleece sweaters to finishers and tons of food.  I camp out the night before at the canyon and it is great.  Usually a nice cool night to sleep in a tent.

The following week is the Ozark 100 but I think I will pass on that too and do the River valley half marathon if I do not have to work.  then on November 13th is my race - The World's highest Hill 5 Miler.

Memphis Marathon or Dallas Marathon is December 4th but I will probably do the Lovit Trail Run near Hot Springs a week later.

So that is about it for 2010 for tentative schedule.  It gives me options to work around for family and work etc.

But the main focus has already begun to take shape and that is Leadville 2011.

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