Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kids Triathlon

Madeline, Olivia and Jim participated in the Fort Smith Kids Triathlon this year.  It was the first year that all three have participated.  The triathlon made for a fun and exciting weekend and the kids seemed to really benefit from overcoming their fears and anxiety and completing the race.

The night before the race, poor Olivia said that she did not want to do it.  We told her that she did not have to.  That she could just watch and then if she changed her mind after watching little brother Jim race, then she could.

That morning was dark and rainy.  I wondered whether they might delay the race or even have to cancel as the rain was coming down hard.  Leaving for Fort Smith at 6 a.m., the rain began to let up and blue skies emerged as the sun came up. 

We spent a lot of time getting the bikes and equipment in order.  Putting the race numbers on their shirts and having everything set.  Olivia refused to even put on her bathing suit at home but once she saw the pool and all of the excitement, she decided to put her suit on and give it a go!

Jim was first to go and was smiling from ear to ear as he started the race.  He was second out of the water after Michael Phelps son had beat everyone by 4 lengths. 

Then on the bike, Jim took the lead up the hill!  He was really flying but a girl who had a bigger bike passed him.  Jim held strong in second until the bike portion was over. 

He ran the whole way which was just over a quarter mile but another little girl was coming up fast behind him.  Jim sprinted with the girl at the very end to make it a tie.

Next Olivia was up.  She was so nervous and scared.  A volunteer was consoling her as she prepared to enter the water. 

But she gathered her internal strength and got in the water.  After they said go, all the fear seemed to wash away and Olivia swam the fifty meters as casually as if swimming in our above ground pool without a care int he world.  This is about the time that my batteries went out  in my camera so that is also where the pictures stop.

Up on the bike and off she went.  Olivia has a new bike that is a little big for her but she rode great.  Never in too big of a hurry, she just rode up and down the hill.

On the run, she ran pretty effortlessly and without concern for who was passing her or who she was passing.  Someone forgot to tell her it was a  race.  Getting a little tired toward the end, Olivia sprinted to finish and was so very proud of herself.

I missed Madeline's swim because I was helping Olivia.  But I did get to see Madeline flying down the hill in her bike and into the run transition. 

She ran all the way up the hill, turned around and ran all the way to the finish.  She too was tired but she persevered and made it to the finish.

We topped it all off with a big breakfast at McDonalds.  What a great morning and a fun race.

Next up - Flatrock 50K if I decide to go.  The kids have their first soccer game that Saturday and I am the coach so I probably should be there.

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