Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Didn't Want To Run Western States Anyway

I just returned from the Lovit Trail Marathon.  It was so much fun.  Unlike last year, it was perfect weather with temps in the 20s at the start and warming to near 50.  I feel like I could run forever on these days.  Last year I struggled over every hill, rock and root that was out there.  Today, I noticed nothing but my feet seemingly float over the terrain.  Wish the weather could have been as nice at Memphis last week.

What is best about the Lovit Trail Marathon is that it is free.  They only ask for a $5 donation to help cover some of their expenses for aid stations.  Amazing!  They have pre and post race snacks.  Gatorade and water at various points along the course and volunteers at the top of the mountain working the aid station.

For further details on the Lovit course, see my report from last year.

The directors of Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run should come down and observe since they charge $375 for their race.  The race is so popular that over 2000 crazy ultra runners enter a lottery system for only 270 slots.  Needless to say and as you might have guessed from my tone, my name was not one of those picked today.

Pure ultra runners do not need to pay that kind of money for a race.  We just go out and run.  I cannot imagine a better organized race than the Arkansas Traveler 100 and they charge a third the price of WS.

But of course, I am just sad my name was not selected.  In some future year, when I do get in to this race, I will speak glowingly of it and will hardly be able to contain my excitement.  I am happy for my friends that got into the race.

As for me, I must now plan my racing season for 2012, with the knowledge that WS100 will not be included.

By the way, I saw an awesome lunar eclipse on the way to the race this morning.  Here it is:

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