Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jemez Mtn 50 ?

The question mark in the title is because I had gone out to Jemez with every intention of completing the 50 mile race and not dropping to the 50K.  I had done this race in 08 and it was tough but it made for a tough love type of memory because as one of the toughest 50 mile races in the country, I also loved it.

But it had been so long, I forgot why I loved it.  Returning this year, I remembered how well organized and beautiful this race is.  It was awesome!

We started out at 5 a.m.  The forecast had remained consistent all week for rain or even snow in the higher elevations.  I was just grateful that it was nice out when we started the race all though unusually humid for the mountains.  We made our way on the trails around town and it's always so neat to see all those headlamps snaking their way through the woods.

I settled in to about 30th place.  My goal was to take it very easy and comfortable so that I could finish the 50 mile.  Things went well for the first 13 miles or so.  But after that big huge climb up Pajarito Ski Mtn, the sciatic/piriformis flared up.  I struggled in to the aid station at the ski lodge where my Mom and friend Deanna were waiting and crewing for me.

I knew then I would be unable to complete the 50 mile race.  I hobbled out of the aid station and was reduced to just a shuffle run/walk for the last 14 or so miles and sadly most of this is back down hill.  That meant a very slow 7 plus hour finish.  But it was beautiful none the less and here are some pictures.

I'm going to have an injection for this piriformis soon and hope that will help.  This race was frustrating because I really wanted to finish it.
View of the Caldera from top of Pajarito Mtn

Beautiful mtn meadow after Pajarito aid station.

Nice section of alpine trail

Heading back to Los Alamos and looking back, you can see the ski mtn from where we came.

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