Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mt Magazine Trail Run - 18.5 Miles

Once again I had a great time at Mt. Magazine.  I was lucky enough to hold on for the win.  I started really slow with the front runners for the first five miles or so and this was good because that way my sciatic did not become to irritated too soon.  Then I ran hard for the next three or four miles to complete the loop of the top of Mt. Magazine.

The course then descends the mountain for about 3 miles and I hit this really hard as I knew it was my best chance to put some distance on the other runners.  I was really worried that I would have a big slow down coming back up the mountain because of the piriformis/sciatic pain.  I certainly did slow down and it started to get pretty darn painful but the race was short enough that I was able to endure it.

It really felt good to win a trail race again.  It had been a long time due to this injury.  If you want a really great race, this is one of the best around.  The scenery is stunning.  The comraderie is great.  And P.T. puts on a great cookout at the pavillion after the race.  This race is truly in the spirit of AURA (Arkansas Ultra Running Association).

Friend and Race Director PT With the Awesome Award Crafted by Chrissy Ferguson

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